Chicken On A Rainbow


And don’t forget to buy your Rubick’s Cube With A Moustache Costumes for Halloween!

Rosh Hashana

To celebrate Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) I did the following:

Got a ticket for Temple.

Completely missed Temple after arriving late.

Went for snack in Beverly Hills and saw the star of Glee, Lea Michelle, sitting 2 feet away. Accidentally made eye contact, resulting in her getting up, leaving very fast and driving away.

Went to Kitson boutique. Bought Ms. Pac-Man barrette.

Forgot that it was Rosh Hashanah. Entirely.

Happy Ms Pac-Man Barrette, everyone!

Ahhh, Los Angeles.

Where fancy hotel statues make you fall in love with them.

Kiss the Moon

So my online dating website OK Cupid wished me a Happy 37th birthday, yesterday. I’ve gotten some pretty interesting messages on there, and some even more fascinating self portraits of some of the guys. Well, one in particular:

You gotta admire the dedication and the love that went into this photo. Yes, this is an actual photo sent to me. Awesome. Please insert your caption here.

Don’t worry. My Birthday called me up later crying and offering me money and we got back together.